Insiders Program

Welcome to PNK DIGGER INSIDERS! You have been such a Bomb Diggity Customer, you should receive something in return.

How It Works:

You will receive 10 points for every $1 spent. 

350 Points Free Shipping

500 Points $5 Off Rebate

650 Points  $7 Off Rebate

800 Points $10 Off Rebate

1000 Points  $15 Off Rebate

1250 Points $17 Off Rebate

1500 Points  $20 Off Rebate

Next rebate will be issued December 3, 2017. After that, we will send out rebates every 6 months.  Please make sure every order is placed with the same email address so that it is tied to your Insider Membership.

Thanks for joining PNK DIGGER INSIDERS!